What’s On Your Heart God?

What Is On Your Heart GodRecently I have been learning about praying for others, also known as intercessory prayer.  It was impressed upon my heart that prayer is not just about me telling God my needs and requests, although that is a part of prayer; but the question was posed, “Do you ever ask God what is on His heart?”

Over the years I’ve prayed for God’s will, I’ve prayed for His revelation…but I don’t think I’ve ever specifically asked Him that question. Well, last night I did, and I have to admit that at first it scared me a bit until He helped me decipher what I saw.

After speaking aloud the names of God, declaring His almighty power and majesty, I asked Him what was on His heart. The images that came to my mind were of people covered in ash with a dull smoky color all around. I began to fear that there was going to be a fire somewhere and perhaps people I loved were going to be effected. I asked God to continue to show me what was on His heart. The images didn’t change, but I suddenly realized what the images meant. They were portraying 9/11/2001.

That is what was on God’s heart. He cares about the people who were affected on 9/11. He wants them to be healed. He wants them to experience His love, and He wanted me to pray for them. As I did that, I asked Him what else He cared about, and He said, “Lost people.”

He revealed to me just a tiny glimpse of how much He loves His children whom He created in His image. Tears started to well up in my eyes and spill down my cheeks as I experienced a flicker of emotion over what is on God’s heart….what He cares about….and what He wants us to care about.

I must say I’m still overwhelmed from the experience. I feel God truly gave me some insight into His heart. What a privilege. He desires a genuine personal relationship with us far beyond what we can understand. Yet, we often go about our busy lives without ever giving much thought to the truth that He wants to share His heart with us.

I challenge you to come before Him and ask Him what’s on His heart…then be still, close your eyes, and listen. You may be surprised, you may be moved, you may be overwhelmed….better yet, you will be changed, and you will have experienced the pure love of God.

Remember 9/11. Remember the hurting and the lost. Be an intercessor and God will use your prayers to bless, honor, and care for others. Thank you my friends.

“In God We Trust”