The Book Cover Concept

Originally, when I was trying to picture what I wanted on the book cover, I imagined a winding road, lined with large canopy trees, with streaks of sun rays shining through.  The publisher took my concept idea and sent me several photos similar to my vision…none of which felt right.  I went to their recommended photo website and started looking through hundreds of photo ideas.  Then I saw it….the eagle, soaring high above the earth, heading toward the sunrise.  Around that same time I came across a teaching by Pastor Bill Lobbs on “God’s Eagle Christians.”

The teaching explained how God has called us to be spiritual eagles. Just as baby eaglets are 100% dependent on their parents for nourishment, so are we to also be 100% dependent on God for our spiritual nourishment.  Without it, be will grow weak and spiritually die.

Just as eagles are born to fly…to mount up and soar to heavenly heights, God has also placed within us, as His “eaglets,” a deep desire to mount up and soar to spiritual levels we have never experienced.  Sometimes we get too comfortable in our nests.  In order to encourage us to fly, God will rearrange our nests until they are so uncomfortable…even painful if needed, until we decide to attempt to fly.

This is when we get to experience our Father’s protection and faithfulness.  Just as the mother eagle securely sets her eaglet on her wing as she begins to teach him how to fly, we hold tight to Jesus, as He raises us above our circumstances and grows our faith.

Mother eagle knows that in order for her eaglets wings to be strong enough to soar, his wings must be strengthened.  This is achieved by shaking her eaglet off of her wing, and as he flits and flutters in an attempt to fly, while plummeting to the earth, she swoops down and rescues him just before he hits the ground.  Then up they go again….and down he goes again….over and over until he is strong enough to ride the winds of the air.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  So often we feel like life is spinning out of control and we are swiftly approaching crash and burn.  But we’re not.  We are being strengthened, by our loving Father, who swoops in and rescues us just in time.  We continue these faith lessons so that we are strengthened to experience the freedom of mounting up, and soaring toward the glorious horizon, as we fulfill the unique purpose that God created for us.


My Tribute

Harold C. SayersI wanted to share with you why I included my maiden name “Sayers” in the authorship of this book.  My dad was the only son of four children, and then he was the father of three daughters.  He and my mom REALLY tried to make me a “Timothy Paul”…but God had a different plan.

In 1998, at the age of 54, my dad lost his battle with melanoma, although he won the prize for which he ran the race.  Although I miss him terribly, I am so grateful that God chose him to be my earthly father.  Using his name is my tribute to acknowledge the legacy that he left…because of the way he lived and loved.  Thank you dad, I love you.

Excerpt from “Perspective” poem

Timeless Truth: Inspirational Poetry for Life’s Journey

Excerpt from “Perspective” poem:

What if we had God’s perspective,
if His priorities were crystal clear?
Would we see our lives in a new way,
as through His eyes lens we peer?

Nothing is wasted in His design,
He works all things into His plan,
for He knew you and dearly loved you,
even before your life began.

The past is over and done with,
it cannot be erased or changed,
but through His transforming power,
your life can be beautifully rearranged.

Excerpt from “My Child” poem

Timeless Truth: Inspirational Poetry for Life’s Journey

Excerpt from “My Child” poem:

“I always had your best in mind,
even before the day I knit you
together in your mother’s womb,
My love for you was pure and true.”

“But because I desire authenticity,
I gave you free will to choose.
Regardless of the choices you make,
I will weave them into your life to use.”

“You get everything I offer,
I hold nothing back.
I want you to receive it all,
there’s nothing you will lack.”

Excerpt from “Healing” poem

Timeless Truth: Inspirational Poetry for Life’s Journey

Excerpt from “Healing” poem:

I want to be healed,
to lay the past to rest,
for my tears to quit falling,
to give You my best.

How long will it take?
What will I need to do?
Will the process be painful?
Do I really have to?

Admit to the truth?
It’s chasing me down!
Nightmares invade my sleep,
fears that I can’t drown.